Regaining Corpus from Anchors:

Wraiths have the same healing times as Mortals, when it comes to Bashing and Lethal damage. And they are usually able to heal damage to their Corpus by spending Essence.

However, sometimes Wraiths are dangerously low on Essence, and need to retreat to an Anchor to heal up. And Aggravated damage is so severe for Wraiths that it can't be healed except by using one's Anchors to do it.

A Wraith can use any of the methods detailed in Regaining Essence from Anchors to heal Bashing or Lethal damage. Instead of each success giving a dot of Essence to the Wraith's Essence Pool, the power is used to knit the Corpus back together. Any Essence that goes above and beyond what's needed to heal the wounds goes into the Essence Pool as normal.

Bashing is healed on a one success for one Corpus basis, while Lethal costs two successes per Corpus. Aggravated requires three successes per Corpus, plus an extra expenditure of Willpower for each Corpus healed in this fashion.

As with regaining essence, a Wraith can make as many rolls in a Scene as the Anchor has dots in its rating. Again: the more powerful the connection between the Wraith and the Anchor, the more power she can harvest from it.

Note that with Proximity, a roll is still unnecessary. However, the Wraith must still be completely at rest for this to work, regardless of whether she's healing Bashing or not.