Anchorsense Affinity:

Being emotionally tied to an Anchor creates a strong bond, indeed. And while this bond is sometimes chafing and uncomfortable to an "Awake" Ghost, it gives a Wraith a certain advantage: the ability to "check up" on that Anchor from anywhere by using the Anchorsense Affinity. By taking no other action, and thinking intently of an Anchor, the Wraith is able to sense the immediate surroundings of it - inside and out - as though she was the Anchor.

This Affinity is limited by the physical environs of that Anchor. Someone with a pen for an Anchor might see the entirety of the room if it's on a desk, but if it's in the desk, then all the Wraith will see is the drawer. On the other hand, the Wraith might still be able to hear voices from around the desk, smell smoke from a fire, and so on.

All five "mortal" senses work with Anchorsense, as do other Affinities, but the Wraith cannot use any Numina from a distance. If she wants to put a scare on someone stalking towards her prized bowling trophy, she'll have to get to it, somehow.

While the Wraith is using Anchorsense, she is not aware of her body's own surroundings, and will have to end the effect to sense what's going on around her. If she's attacked, however, the effect ends and she's brought roughly back to her own body.

Cost: None

Dice Pool: Wits + Anchor Rating

Action: Instant.

Dramatic Failure: Not only is the Wraith unable to sense what's going on, but the connection to the Anchor is disrupted, as though the Wraith had an emotional door slammed in her face. This stuns her for one Turn, and prevents her from trying Anchorsense on that Anchor until she goes back and visits it, either by normal travel or spending a point of Willpower to teleport there.

Failure: The Wraith's senses extend towards the Anchor, but then fade out and return to the Wraith's own immediacy.

Success: The Wraith's senses reach the Anchor, and then emanate out from it as described above. The effect lasts until the Wraith chooses to turn it off.

Exceptional Success: Not only do the Wraith's senses emanate out from the Anchor, but the connection is so strong that when the Wraith ceases contact, she maintains a low-key connection for a number of Scenes equal to the total amount of successes. Any particularly strong stimulus that happens around the Anchor will be immediately sensed by the Wraith {strong odors, shouted voices, a noteworthy sight, etc.}