Anchors at Character Creation:

Every Wraith starts out with ten dots to place into Anchors. Storytellers might be willing to allow a player to trade in dots in Anchors for extra Experience Points, to reflect a Wraith who's been Awake for decades, or even centuries. But that's entirely up to the Storyteller as befits her Chronicle.

When choosing Anchors, the player picks people, places or tangible objects for the Wraith to be attached to. Concepts, philosophical ideas and organizations or movements the Wraith left behind can't be used as Anchors, because they, in themselves, are not physical, or are hopelessly spread out amongst far too many people to hold onto.

The player then decides what the primary emotion behind that Anchor is: when the Wraith is in the presence of it, what does she feel? Love for the child? Hate for the workplace? Fear for the murderer? Nostalgia for the toy?

Then the player assigns a number of dots between 1 and 5 to each Anchor, depending on how strongly the Wraith feels about it. A massive obsession or strong, pure emotion would be around a 4 or 5, while a minor fixation or uncertain feeling would be a 1 or a 2. The 5th dot in an Anchor costs 2 dots, rather than one.

Note that the size or strength of the Anchor should not be reflected in the dots; A huge, "haunted" house could have a rating of 1, while a wedding ring could have a rating of 5.

Finally, the player marks this information down on the Character Sheet, under Anchors. "The Knife I Was Killed With (Fear): 3" would be an example, as would "The Streetcorner Where I Died (Terror): 2," or "My Girlfriend (Love): 4."