Ghost Story - Stupid Little Fears


J. Edward Tremlett

You know, one of the major ironies of this situation is that sometimes the things you're most attached to are often the things you wish you'd never ever seen.

I'm sure you have your own, unpleasant reminder? The fatal streetcorner, perhaps? The face of your killer? Or maybe the lost stretch of desert, the tainted needle, the broken car, the sickbed...

Well, perhaps you are one of the lucky ones - the ones who have kindly reminders of why they haven't moved on. We Haunters have names for your kind, we do. None of them are entirely complementary.

And if you last long enough amongst our number, I am certain that you'll learn them all...

But I shall be honest - I have one such reminder, myself. It's small and it's slim and it's gorgeous, however old, but it's all I can do to keep it from being taken from its shelf and tossed out with the trash. And after that, the recycling truck.

Well, that's the problem, little ghost. It's old. I've kept that corner of the library from being inventoried for... oh, a few years, now. A few long shadows and half-heard noises now and then work magic on a librarian's imagination.

But it won't last forever, and one day that book will be gone. And then all I will have to keep me here will be very some unpleasant reminders...

You can see one of those reminders from here. If you look up over there, just past where the park's lawn stops and the park's undergrowth begins, you'll see a shady little clump of trees on a small rise? Yes, that one, over there.

And, yes, it's that one. I know you've heard of it, so don't be coy. Please at least give me the credit I'm due for having turned it notorious.

Oh yes, it wasn't always a cursed place. It used to be a popular spot for students to come and study in peace and quiet, during the day. And at night it had... other uses. I sure I don't need to elaborate?

But that was before me. Before what happened to me, and what happened because of that. And these days they all avoid it, for fear of what might happen... fear of what they might see, or feel.

Yes, fear. Stupid little fears, really. But they're what keeps me going.

Everyone needs a hobby. Especially us.