(minus sunglasses and makeup)

Name: Johnny Bedlam (aka Larry Sturtz)

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Rebel

Cohort: Bone Dance (the Puppeteers Guild, too, technically)

Life: Nerdy musician

Death: Weird accident while seriously contemplating suicide

Regret: Not being able to help Janet

Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2

Social: Charisma 4 (Fascinatingly Ugly), Manipulation 3, Appearance 1

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4

Talents: Alertness 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 1, Dodge 1, Empathy 3, Expression 1, Intimidation 4 (Spooky)

Skills: Etiquette 1, Meditation 2, Melee 2, Performance: Flute 5 (Captivating), Stealth 3

Knowledges: Bureaucracy 3, Computer 3, Enigmas 2, Linguistics 1 (High School Latin), Medicine 1, Occult 2, Science 3

Backgrounds: Allies 1 (Janet), Contacts 2 (Other Wraiths), Fame 1 Mentor 1 (The Wraith who helped him Rise), Memoriam 2, Resources 1, Status: Puppeteers 2

Passions: Find the people who hurt Janet and make them pay (Need for Revenge) 5, Prove myself to my others (Self-Esteem) 3, Prove my innocence to my Father (Love) 2

Fetters: Flute (Conduit) 5, "Janet's" grave 3, Violin 2

Arcanoi: Inhabit 1, Fascinate 2, Keening 2, Puppetry 3, Pandemonium 1

Disciplines: Potence 1

Willpower: 6

Corpus: 10

Permanent Angst: 4

Shadow: The Parent

Thorns: Infamy 1, Shadow Traits: Strength 2, Bad Luck

Dark Passions: Make Larry See how Worthless He Is (Despair) 4, Drive Everyone and Everything Away from Larry (Hatred) 3

Merits: True Love (+1)

Flaws: None

Image: Johnny looks like hell, put bluntly. He's skinny and pale, with dark, sunken eyes, bad teeth and acne from beyond the grave. Skin hangs from his legs and arms in flapping, sickly folds, and his hair is long, greasy and matted. His midsection is scarred and buckled from where the car smashed his pelvis, and his hips creak when he walks.

Johnny tends to hide these problems while onstage by wrapping up in baggy pants and a long, black duster, wearing tinted glasses over his eyes and letting Janet smear white, stage makeup on his face. It sort of helps - especially if he doesn't smile...

The only thing he carries with him at all times his his flute: either out in his hands or else in its case in a backpack slung over one shoulder. The instrument has a dark, haunting quality to its sound as a result of its being his Conduit. One critic referred to its voice as "scornful" - that's more or less right on the money.

Role Playing: (Nasty, silent and sullen stare from just over round, dark green glasses...)

Larry used to be sweet, shy and fidgety. Then Larry had a really, really bad series of events happen to him, and wasn't even allowed to kill himself correctly. That almost sent Larry somewhat over the edge, and now - as far as he wants the world to know - he's just Johnny.

Johnny is permanently pissed off. Johnny sneers a lot and lounges around as if waiting for a fight to erupt. Johnny doesn't give interviews, pose for photographs, or do what he's asked. Trying to tell him to do anything gets one flipped off, if one is lucky; Johnny just does what he wants, and all he seems to want to do is be with Janet (being in Bone Dance is incidental), play his flute and stop over-eager fans from bothering Janet.

Larry is still sweet, shy and fidgety, but Larry is only Larry when he and Janet are alone with one another. The rest of the time he's Johnny, and Johnny is rude to Stuart, who reminds him too much of Larry (and Larry too much of himself) and contemptuous of Peter, who's clearly mooning over Janet and using this whole "teaching" thing as an attempt to get into her pants.

Shadow: Look, kid - I've told you a million times and you still won't listen to me! What does it take to get you to listen to me? Huh? HUH?

This is a pathetic turn of events: the kid was supposed to find Janet's killers, not Janet, herself! His Shadow's wondering how he's supposed to make him feel worthless while screwing up his reason for coming back if she's alive after all and he has this band thing to distract him. He's either got to leave the band and her, and get on with his revenge, or else the Shadow's got to make her and the band leave him. And it's looking more and more like the latter ever day...

Big Secrets: Johnny's biggest secret is why he's back. He does plan to find the people who hurt Janet and make them wish they'd never ever seen her, it's just that now that he's found Janet again he doesn't want to leave her. And he knows that once he's dealt with all those creeps, he'll be gone. His Mentor - who he still gets visits from every so often - has been honest enough to let him know that's what's coming.

He's told Janet what he is, but she doesn't know about his true reason for coming back, and he doesn't think its a good idea to share this information with her, either. He tries to coax more details about the Unseelie Motley out of Janet, when he can, but too much information at once gives her flashbacks. This makes him feel as though he's let her down - and gives his Shadow a lot more power - so he's very loath to ask too much out of her.

Bone Dance