~ Mortal Seeming ~

 ~ Fae Mien ~

Name: Peter Longfingers

Mortal Name: Jeremy Rustovich

Court: Seelie

Legacies: Sage / Riddler

Seeming: Wilder

Kith: Sluagh

Motley: Bone Dance

Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 4 (Nimble), Stamina 2

Social: Charisma 4 (Trustworthy), Manipulation 4 (Persuasive), Appearance 2

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4 (Mysteries)

Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Dodge 3, Empathy 1, Kenning 4 (Changelings), Subterfuge 4 (Trickery)

Skills: Etiquette 4 (Sluagh), Melee 3, Performance: Violin 3, Stealth 3, Survival 3

Knowledges: Enigmas 3, Gremayre 3, Investigation 3, Lore: Wraith 2, Lore: Changeling 4 (Sluagh), Medicine 1, Politics 3

Backgrounds: Chimera 2 (Sword), Contacts 4, Fame 1, Remembrance 4, Resources 1, Retinue 1, Sluagh Status 3, Treasure 1 (Cracked hand mirror with Omen)

Arts: Chicanery 2, Legerdemain 1, Soothsay 4, Wayfare 3

Realms: Actor 1, Fae 2, Prop 2, Scene 2

Glamour: 6

Willpower: 4

Banality: 4

Musing Threshold: Helping others to find their true calling, whatever it may be

Merits: Ambidextrous (+1), Double-Jointed (+1),

Flaws: Slipped Seeming (-2)

Mortal Seeming: Jeremy is tall and skinny, with small, grey eyes and black, curly hair that comes down to his shoulders in back. He has long, curly sideburns that come all the way down to either side of his chin, making him appear somewhat leonine. He often dresses in the manner of a man from the latter quarter of the 19th century: a black suit with dark tie, black suitcoat, black trousers and spats and a black tophat. His skin has a noticeable grey cast to it, and his fingers seem longer than they should be.

Fae Mien: Peter seems just a little taller and skinnier, if that's possible, and his eyes are dark pools in which rest small, grey points of light. His skin is quite grey and just a little wrinkled about the eyes and joints, and his fingers are grotesquely long, insectile things. A long, thin sword rests in a black scabbard at his waist.

Role Playing: "But how can you know such things? Something must be speaking them to you, or else you would say nothing. Are you certain you cannot remember how you know this? Not even just a little bit...?"

Peter's role has always been that of a gatherer of secrets, but he gathers them only that he might give them back to the people who have forgotten them, or truly need them. He thinks the best thing he can do is to help others know themselves.

So he always asks questions - always, always, always. This is to the point of even asking questions while answering other's questions, which makes him an interviewer's nightmare. Past that he slinks in the shadows a lot, twittering his fingers and watching how others act.

He isn't very impressed with Johnny and doesn't hide this fact that much, though he tries to avoid arguing with him in front of Janet. He's very protective of Stuart, sensing that the boy feels rejected. And he's very challenging with Janet, mostly because theirs is a student-teacher relationship and he wants her to learn something.


Big Secrets: ... Peter started his tutoring of Janet as he would any kindred soul - especially one who'd re-entered the Dreaming so traumatically - but over time he's realized that he has a selfish motive. He is quite convinced that he has found the person who he once called his love, so many lifetimes ago, and he is hoping that one day she will remember. He loves her... or at least he's in love with who he thinks she is.

He's well aware of exactly what Johnny is, and how it is he's come back from the land of the dead. He finds this fascinating, but he doesn't want to let on that he knows; He doesn't like Johnny and doesn't want to talk to him too much, or run the risk of facing a revenant's anger. He'd prefer to talk to Larry, but it seems only Janet can do that.

As for Stuart: when he found the boy he realized he was on the cusp of some transformation, and tutored him in the hopes that he was finding another Sluagh. But by the time they'd found Janet, he'd realized that Stuart wasn't even a member of the Dreaming. He'd also reached a bit of a brick wall, as Stuart could go no further until he made himself do it - something their teaching sessions were not producing. He's certain that the boy's destined for some kind of greatness, though, and he doesn't want to turn him loose until Stuart's changed and has acclimatized to whatever that change might bring.

Bone Dance