~ Mortal Seeming ~

 ~ Fae Mien ~

Name: Janice Porrohman (aka Janet Pilcher)

Mortal Name: Janice Porrohman (aka Janet Pilcher)

Court: Seelie

Legacies: Crafter / Wretch

Seeming: Wilder

Kith: Sluagh

Motley: Bone Dance

Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3

Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2

Mental: Perception 4 (Empathic), Intelligence 3, Wits 3

Talents: Alertness 2, Empathy 3, Kenning 2, Persuasion 3

Skills: Crafts 1, Disguise 2, Etiquette 3, Leadership 2, Performance: Oboe 2, Performance: Singing 3, Security 1, Stealth 2, Survival 1

Knowledges: Computer 1, Lore: Wraith 1, Lore: Changeling 1, Science 2

Backgrounds: Chimerical Companion 1, Contacts 2, Fame 1, Mentor (Peter) 2, Remembrance 1, Resources 1

Arts: Chicanery 4, Legerdemain 2

Realms: Actor 3, Fae 1, Scene 1, Time 1

Glamour: 5

Willpower: 4

Banality: 3

Musing Threshold: Encouraging others to soar to heights she herself cannot.

Merits: True Love (+1), Enchanting Whisper  (+1)*

Flaws: Flashbacks (-3)

Mortal Seeming: Janice still looks much as she did in high school, back when she was plain old Janet, only the braces that covered her teeth are now gone and she has quite obviously become a young woman. Shes dyed her long hair jet black and resorted to ice-blue contacts,  pale makeup and lots of black mascara and lipstick to disguise herself. She also dresses like a Victorian lady in mourning: long, black bombazine dress, veiled hat and all.

Fae Mien: As a Sluagh, Janice's eyes are black and sunken, her skin is a strange shade that veers between off-white and pale grey-green, and her hair really is black. She's skinny and shrunken, with delicate, black lips and iron-grey, ragged fingernails. Her clothing appears older than it does to mortals, and is covered in cobwebs and crawling with black, Chimerical deaths-head moths.

Role Playing: "I was standing on the landing / Now I'm standing in the hall / looking uuuuuup / up-up-up-up" (whispered)

Janet is highly secretive. People know her name and what it is that she does, and that's all they need to know. If people found out who she was it would complicate things. So, for now at least, she is what she does, and that's all that really matters to anyone outside of the group - even other Sluagh. (Except Peter, of course)

She doesn't like to think about what happened to her. Other Sluagh are alright, but when she sees Changelings of other Kiths she's really edgy with them - especially Sidhe. Too much interaction with the Dreaming's wilder aspects brings on bad sensememories of what the Unseelie Motley did to her (the Flashbacks Flaw) At such times she doesn't want to be near anyone but Larry.

She loves Larry with all of her heart, and does her best to keep "Johnny" under control. She also loves Peter, though only as a mentor and friend: she knows how he feels about her but isn't sure how to put him off, yet. Stuart rubs her the wrong way for some reason, but she tries to be nice to him because she knows he's just like she was, so long ago. Maybe a little too much...

Big Secrets: Janice knows what Larry actually is - a wraith - because he's told her what he is. She knows why he sometimes flies off the handle because of what Peter's told her about ghosts in general. And she also knows that Larry's a Risen, because other wraiths have told her that's what he's called, and she's gotten a few, dark hints of what that means from what they try not to say about it. (She hasn't told Peter about any of that for fear of what her mentor might do)



* This is the Sluagh's version of the Enchanting Voice Merit. Due to the Sluagh's Frailty, it's not nearly as powerful as the original - giving only a -1 Difficulty to all attempts to use one's voice in a persuasive manner. As a result, it's only a one-point Merit.

Bone Dance