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Sleep Chamber - released Jan, 2004

Knocked Up Records; Salem, MA

Tracks: 10

Time: 63:34

The CD is an excellent-quality "bootleg" performance of one of Bone Dance's better shows of 2003. The recording is being pressed and sold by Knocked Up with the band's blessing; They claim to have no desire to have an actual record contract, but would like their music to be heard by anyone who cares to.

Tracks 1 - 10 are not titled*, but astute listeners may recognize various pieces, however scrambled and redone they may be.

*Fans will be disappointed to know that "The Staircase {Mystery}" is not on the CD. There is a copy of that song that has been passed around a few, college radio stations, but no one's sure how it was made, and it's not for sale.

Bone Dance