The Necropolis Grows

The next major upheaval occurred in the mid 1700's. In the Skinlands, both the houses on London Bridge, and the ancient Roman City Wall were demolished by the Georgians. For quite some time, the Haunt on London Bridge had been the centre of both the culture and the government of the Necropolis. When parts of it were pulled down, it was only some quick work by the city's Harbingers, Spooks and Artificers that kept it from being destroyed altogether. However, once its future was assured, the majority of the bridge belonged to the dead, and they were quick to take advantage of that. The Haunt swelled both above and below the waterline, and soon, the Citadel was founded.

By the 1850's, large quantities of Chinese and Jewish immigrants were beginning to settle in the city. Links with the Dark Kingdom of Jade and the Shadowlands of the Middle East were strengthened. However, this would soon backfire, and when Charon made war on the Dark Kingdom of Jade, feelings ran high across the city. Those Restless from the Jade Kingdom who had both evaded transportation back to their home country, and escaped enthrallment or forging, rose up against the Hierarchy, and it was only after a lot of fighting with both swords and words that the rebellion was quelled. However, that same dissatisfaction did not fade with the hearts of the Jade citizens, and, with the coming of the Sixth Great Maelstrom, London would once again be made to pay for the complacency with which it treated its foreign inhabitants.

Meanwhile, the population of the city was growing at an almost impossible rate, and rose from 950,000 in 1800, to nearly 6 million in 1900. The massive influx of Dead walking from the mills and factories swelled the Emerald Legion further, and political relations became a tense sharing of power with the Skeletal Legion. The huge numbers of dead, and the number of Artificers coming across the Shroud from the factories, meant that the huge forges across the city were swelled and developed, occupying the lofty, hollow roofs of their Skinlands counterparts. The Enfants of the Industrial Revolution faced either a long initiation in the forges after a long life in the factories, or a short stay in the furnace followed by an eternity of numbness and nothingness. London was becoming the largest producer of soulforged and Moliated goods in the Dark Kingdom of Iron, and was soon producing exotic goods to trade with the Deathlords themselves. But the politics of the city were shifting again, and another stroke of good fortune (or, as some suspect, good planning) was played to the Skeletal Legion in the 19th Century. Cholera broke out, taking up where the Plague had left off, killing thousands, and feeding the ranks of the Pestilent dead. Thatcher once again became the driving force of the London Hierarchy and the instability and insurrection were soon to follow.

When underground railways were installed in the 1860's, the Restless were quick to take advantage of the labyrinth of tunnels out of the way of the Quick, as well as the still-growing rooftop city. The underground tunnels were favoured mainly by Renegades and other Restless otherwise unwelcome in the Necropolis, to the point where after the 1940's, the Hierarchy ceased to even patrol them as casualties were becoming so high.