Double Deaditorial:

Wraith vs. Orpheus


Mike Spera

~ Disclaimer on Hypocrisy ~


Some of the points I make in the two following essays seem to contradict each other. My defense for this is...

Well, I have no defense. I'll admit I contradict myself quite a few times; I praise one game for one thing while slamming a hammer down on it in the other essay.

Hell, even the concept of running these two essays by the same author side-by-side is contradictory.

So call me a hypocrite, and I'll say you're right. I'm just trying to point out Orpheus' flaws to Wraith fans at the same time that I'm pointing out Wraith's flaws to Orpheus fans.

Obviously, not everyone will agree with me. For example, some people like the Dodge trait, others can live without it. I bring this point up in both essays, and my two opinions contradict.

Which version is my own personal feelings? Well, they both are, depending on my mood and what type of game I want to play. For spying and espionage, I go for Orpheus. For personal horror, I go for Wraith.

Which game is better for me depends on what game I'm in the mood for.

Which game is better for you? That's for you, the reader and roleplayer, to decide. I'm just pointing out the good and bad points that go with each game.

- Mike Spera

Why Orpheus is Better than Wraith

Why Wraith is Better than Orpheus