Black Gelding Saloon

By Amariah Rivers

I walk down halls but no-one knows, My silence missed by all. I've been here since i don't know when My boots within these walls.. I hang my hat and turn again My eyes upon the room The shadow of a Broken man, This place became my tomb.. I walk up up to my usual seat Cards passing through men's hands I've seen games won, and seen them lost Just drifting through time's sand A game that my own hands once played Just seems so long ago I felt the shot that sent me here I think it was Ol' Joe. They cleaned my blood but left my soul And still they do not know Old friends think that i'm resting now Just wish that i could go.. Just one more time out on the range The wind upon my face But fate it seems has cheated me I can't escape this place.. I wanna Ride, i need to Run But chains they hold me here Forever to exist among A stranger's smoke and beer