Buried Secrets

"Personally, I can't think of a worse White Wolf supplement, but it does have some neat things here and there."


Reviewed by Mike Spera

This little book can be a tad helpful or completely useless, depending on what you're looking for. In the introduction, Richard Dansky explains that this is just a companion to the game, not a masterpiece. You can get the feeling, as you read the book, that the material was written not because it will help the storyteller, but because Wraith needed a book to go with the storyteller screen.

There's a small, but decent, piece of fiction that introduces us to Erik, a Boston wraith, who appears repeatedly throughout following supplements.

The bulk of the book is a spattering of artifacts, relics, antagonists, sample Harrowings, and other odds and ends. One very useful thing is a section explaining how Arcanos can work on werewolves, vampires, and other supernaturals. The book concludes with a sample chronicle called "Weed 'Em And Reap" that takes place in Little Five Points, Atlanta. I didn't find it very exciting, but Wraith was a fledgling game when this came out.

The artwork throughout Buried Secrets is decent enough. Some of these wraiths do strange things with their corpus. The only artwork that I really had a problem with was the hideous drawing on page 10.

Overall, Buried Secrets is more like a handful things you can toss in here or there than an actual, thought-out Wraith supplement. My advice is this: if you're a collector, or the type that likes to know every single little corner of the Shadowlands, then Buried Secrets is for you; if you want useful material on how to make your Wraith character or chronicle better, or info on some Guilds, Renegades or Heretics, then maybe some secrets should stay buried.

Rating this supplement is tough, because it really depends on what you're looking for, but given all the little odds and ends that detail the Shadowlands, I think Buried Secrets deserves 1 out of 5 skulls. Personally, I can't think of a worse White Wolf supplement, but it does have some neat things here and there.

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