Wraith Chronicle: Stygia


Stygian Queen

Art by Stygian Queen

The Set-Up

As we who play know, White Wolf canned Wraith by bringing Charon back for a brief time, long enough, in the Ends of Empire, to cause chaos and then basically destroy the realm.

To keep the story alive we took it back to just after Charon's first disappearance, in 1945. The head of the room, our Moderator plays Genon Postumus, One of the Older Ferrymen, who stood at Charon's side. He is one of the Shining Ones. He sits on the throne at Charon's wish before he went down fighting Gorool. His Queen, Rebecca Postumus, is an Angelic.

The Dictum Mortem has been revoked. With the introduction of the 5 points area of Atlanta, etc. and the Spectral fall out there, more wraiths need to be there with the Ferrymen to fight against Oblivion.

For more information on the room itself, our chronicle etc. the main entrance to our site is


Through this link you hit the Nihils. There one can access everything from a run down of what Wraith really is, for the beginners, to the various denizens of Stygia itself.

For the room, to just drop by and say hello or observe a bit, the site is


Any questions or queries concerning the changes from the actual books, should really be sent to Stygian_King@hotmail.com

What's Allowed?

No guilds are forbidden. The King made an edict opening all guilds again after Charon left. We feel it opens play in the room. Guilds that are actually in show in the room are the Spooks, Haunter, Sinnes Wanderer (new guild), Sandmen, and Puppeteers.

The Ferrymen are allowed back into the city once again, and are actually interacting in-character. The Heretics are on the rise as usual. Renegades do their things. The Smiling Lord was overthrown and his position taken by another in the room... Various other denizens and drones, A pain in the ass Gaunt, and, yes, even a couple of the Steeds of Legion are present in the game here.

Say you have one of the Legion Lords/Lordesses or a stock character you have been playing, by all means come play here.

Though we have nothing really up on the Jade Empire or Ivory Kingdom etc.... the players would be welcome with a plausible reason for being in the Stygian Empire instead of their kingdoms. THEN again, if you have enough friends playing that chronicle then I am sure something can be arranged. As the King states "It would be fun to have enemies in our own room"

The room also supports characters from other White Wolf games, such as changelings, mages, vampires, etc. Our room tends to like the way the games can actually work together within guidelines.

If you want to start base we do have information on how to make a wraith online now (It is slightly under construction, still) .

What's Coming Up:

Under construction now is opening a new section in the room: the Necropolis Atlanta, the only real skinland based area in the Stygia setting, and the Midnight Express for travel. A few very large ST's are in the works to bring all this about. Our email's

Stygian_Queen@hotmail.com or Stygian_King@hotmail.com can be reached for details on this, such as times and dates.

Right now the site is being expanded to contain a full "How to make a Wraith CS", a pictorial dictionary of all the beings found in the Shadowlands, and other helpful information on the game.

What We'd Like:

We would like character sheets on all players if possible. It helps keep the Character focused and not wandering about. We find it is much easier on the player in general.

For questions on how CS's have been modified to work across the lines and not on Table top interaction contact Becca at Stygian_Queen@hotmail.com

If the players actually like the site and feel it could be a good home for them, actual membership to the site would be nice, but it IS NOT a requirement to play in our room

Specifically we would like players who can improvise their own games, chronicles, and ST's. The King is on weekdays after 11:30 pm usually and the Queen is on for a bit during the afternoon and most evenings after 6 pm central time. On weekends it depends on the ST.

We are hoping for more solid players that really enjoy this game, that want to get to stretch their gaming abilities and are willing to interact with the various types that come in and out of the room, even on an IC basis. And, yes, not liking another character because of its guild, not liking the King, trying to undermine the power base in a purely IC based way is GREAT!! We are not looking for suck-ups here - just real players who have a love for this game and want to get to play it in a setting that is actually SETUP for them to play to their full potential!

On "Getting into the Groove"

Why is setting the scene, getting into the "groove" of this game so important you ask? Well here with our Wraith on the spot is Genon Postumus, current King in the Royal Courts of Stygia. Your highness, if I may ask, why should a potential player spend the time to research something so simple as atmosphere or setting for a simple book game?

~ponders~ I suppose because you are now playing a dead character in a land where everyone else is also dead and now all things are completely different. ~pauses~ In life you had rules you had to follow by. Now it's your death. A completely different ball game. Now that nagging voice in the back of your head is more present, more provocative, and all the more real.

This game is only in one way like everything else; what you put into it is exactly what you get back out of it. The more research you do on your character, the more depth, no the more in-depth, I should say, your story, pre-death, the more rewarding your chronicle will be, especially after death.

As Wraith goes in the dark world, wraiths are often considered stupid or ignorant, which is not true. We play dead people who have taken their memories, most often taken them over with them to the other side. Scientists who created the nuclear bombs remember their formulas, their education. They can tell you all about them, their experience. Great authors and poets, Diplomats and statesmen, the same. When it come to who knows who, in the Skinlands, we know it all.

In fact, Vampires and other dark world denizens seek US out to furnish them with information, counter-intelligence, whatever have you. We've got basically everyone and everything beat. We have the best there is when it comes to all the senses. Hell, think about our sex (un)lives.

~GRINS~ We have the most fulfilling, bar-none any other being. Especially if you are in love with your partner. You end up getting screwed and fed at the same time. High 5 for good Pathos. We use our senses in ways the other beings wish they could. What are we BUT emotion?

~goes blank~ What was the question again? Oh yes why should people research their characters. hhhmmmm ~ponders~ If I was going to play a character, I would like to know if I was a cat or a mouse, cause if I was a mouse I'd like to know how to keep away from the cat, or a cat to keep away from the dogs. What do we eat? How do we speak? Where do we live, sleep, exist? What is our currency? Sorry no US saw-buck here. Was the old saying "death and
taxes" true??

~snickers~ Memory? Do we really remember everything? How about my friends? Do I have friends? Who can I call on, rely on? What sort of denizen am I? Am I guilded? A commoner? A Heretic? Or some off-shoot renegade out to dethrone the King. Perhaps I am some muckluck down on 4th street, lost in his/her own world, far away from the royalty and politics.

*breaks in politely*

So, your highness, what you are saying, from your perspective, is that anything one can get there hands on in the form of information will just make the world more expandable, more tangible to the prospective players?

~LOOKS~ Obviously! Everything is not "you reap what you sow". It is also chance, situation. There is two constants; suffering and Oblivion.

*smiles* Thank you your Highness. For the Stygian Chronicle this is Hanoi Hannah reporting on the spot, the Royal Palace Stygia.