The following is a list of which Arcanoi a Rot can use while in their 'Rot' condition, and what cannot be used. It is followed by the description of the Cloister Arcanos, which Rots - like Risen - are able to use in their condition.

Note that when we say Wraiths, we also mean Spectres unless otherwise noted. "In the Skinlands," unless stated otherwise, means that they are Embodied, Risen, Skinriding through Puppetry or Corruption, or fellow Rots.

D:IL = Doomslayers: Into the Labyrinth; DK:J = Dark Kingdom of Jade; DR:S = Dark Reflections: Spectres; EOE = Ends of Empire; SPG = Shadow Players Guide; SS = Supplement Specific; W:TGW = Wraith: The Great War, RIS = The Risen

  • Argos: The only Art that works for Rots is the dreaded Maelstrom Bridge (W:TGW)
  • (W:TGW) Behest: This Arcanos may only be used on other Wraiths in the Skinlands.
  • Castigate: All Arts that effect the Wraith's own person can be used. All Arts that affect other Wraiths and their Shadows can only be used on Wraiths in the Skinlands. Any damage done as a result of Purify is done to the Rot's Corpus, rather than her Health Levels. Bulwark cannot be used. Housecleaning (W:TGW - Purity Bulwark) can be used but only on Skinlands Spectres.
  • (DK:J) Chains of the Emperor: Only Soul Anchor and Snare would work in the Skinlands while Embodied, and then only on other Embodied Wraiths trying to use Enshroud - which is the only level of Argos that works there for them.
  • (SS) Cloister: All Arts work for Rots.
  • (SPG) Connaissance: Any Arts of this Arcanos that affect Spectres (Baka) only work on Spectres in the Skinlands. Eyes of the Abyss doesn't work.
  • (DR:S) Contaminate: The Basic Art Perceive Contamination (W:TGW - Diagnose the Darkness) can be used on persons in the Skinlands. The other Arts only work on Wraiths in the Skinlands.
  • (D:IL)(W:TGW) Corruption: Only the Basic Ability Sense Likeness works, and then it's at an additional +2 Difficulty.
  • (W:TGW) Displace: Only the Basic Ability Sense Rider will work, at a +2 Difficulty.
  • (RIS) Fascinate: All Arts work for the Rots.
  • Fatalism: All Arts from W:TO except Fatal Vision work, and will work on any creature in the Skinlands. The extra point of Willpower to be spent targeting mortal Skinlanders (Guildbook: Spooks & Oracles, pg. 127) does not have to be spent while in the Skinlands. However, Malocchio and Ensnare (Guildbook: Spooks & Oracles, pp. 124 - 127) will not work as a Rot.
  • (WPG) Flux: Only the Basic Ability Sense Fluxion works, at a +2 Difficulty.
  • (DR:S)(D:IL) Hive-Mind: Every Art works, but Silent Whispers can only be used on other Wraiths in the Skinlands.
  • Inhabit: Of the Arts in W:TO, only the Basic Ability Sense Gremlin works, at a +2 Difficulty. In Guildbook: Artificers, the only Ancient Art that works is Flawsight (page 46), and none of the New Arts work at all.
  • (WPG) Intimation: All Arts in W:TO and W:TGW work while a Rot.
  • Keening: All of the Core Book arts can work while a Rot. The W:TGW Art Brendan's Lay does not work, and Songs of the Living only works against Spectres who are in the Skinlands.
  • (W:TGW) Kinesis: Sense Kinesis can be used (at +2 difficulty), as can Reliquary (on Skinlands objects only). The investure of Pathos into the object is done by laying on hands.
  • (DR:S) Larceny: The Basic Ability Weigh Oblivion can be used as normal, the rest of the Arts can only be used on Wraiths in the Skinlands, except for Emotional Infection and Savor Agony, which can also be used on the living.
  • (W:TGW) Leechcraft: The Basic Ability Darkness Visible can be used as normal. The rest of the Arts can only be used on Wraiths in the Skinlands, except for Inflame Dark Passions and Leach Suffering, which can also be used on the living
  • Lifeweb: Sever Strand and Soul Pact cannot be used while a Rot. Sense Strand can only be used on Wraiths in the Skinlands. The W:TGW Arts Lifeline and Fetter Sentry cannot be used in the Skinlands, and Torsion can only be done to Spectres in the Skinlands.
  • (D:IL) Maleficence: All Arts can be used except Black Whispers. Sense Investment is made at an additional +2 Difficulty. Conversion can only be used on Wraiths in the Skinlands.
  • Moliate: Moliate cannot be used on Skinlanders as they are not made of Corpus. It cannot be used by Rots on themselves, as they're no longer made of Plasm, nor can they use it on Embodied Wraiths for much the same reason.
  • (WPG) (EOE) Mnemosynis: The dread Arts of the Mnemoi work while a Rot, and can be used on Skinlanders and other Wraiths in the Skinlands. The Mnemoi can enter her own Memory Palace by going into a trance-like state, but cannot let other Wraiths into it.
  • Outrage: Except for Obliviate, none of the Arts in W:TO or W:TGW work while a Rot. Of the ones from the Guildbook, all of the Alternate Arts work EXCEPT Relic Wrap, Shroudshield and Bilocation. Of the ones that work, they are all at an additional +1 Difficulty except for Corsican Syndrome.
  • Pandemonium: Everything in W:TO and W:TGW works with the exception of Wyldfire (W:TGW), which only works on Spectres in the Skinlands. Using Tempus Fugit invokes The Fog, and using Foul Humor costs an additional point of Corpus for a Rot to use. Of the Arts listed in Guildbook: Haunters, only Death's Caul does not work.
  • Phantasm: Phantasmagoria works while a Rot. Out of everything else in W:TO and W:TGW, only Dreams of Sleep will work while awake, and then only on Wraiths in the Skinlands or humans who have just woken from their dreams. A sleeping Rot will be able to use certain Arts, such as Cognizance, within her own dreams but not the dreams of others.
  • Puppetry: Only Detect Possession will work, at a +2 Difficulty.
  • (RIS) Serendipity: All Arts work for Rots.
  • (DR:S) Shroud Rending: Doesn't need to be used while a Rot, and a Spectre cannot use this to look the other way.
  • (D:IL) Tempestos: None of the Arts work while a Rot
  • (DR:S)(W:TGW) Tempest Weaving: None of the Arts work while a Rot.
  • Usury: The Arts where the Usurer gives Pathos to, or takes it from, another Wraith must be done to Wraiths in the Skinlands. Health cannot be given, or taken from, a Rot, but Corpus can. Investment will not work, as with Lien (W:TGW). Danegeld (W:TGW) only works on Spectres in the Skinlands.
  • (DK:J) The Way of the Artisan: This cannot be used while a Rot.
  • (W:TGW)(DK:J) The Way of the Farmer: All of the Arts work while a Rot except for Reap the Hungry Ghost. The other Arts will only work on Wraiths and Kuei in the Skinlands.
  • (W:TGW)(DK:J) The Way of the Merchant: Transfer and Withdraw Essence can only be used on Wraiths in the Skinlands. Returning the Favor can be used on Skinlanders. The other Arts will not work while a Rot.
  • ((W:TGW)(DK:J) The Way of the Scholar: All levels of this Art work while a Rot. It can be used on other Wraiths in the Skinlands, Skinlanders and also on the Rot who uses it.
  • (W:TGW)(DK:J) The Way of the Soul: All Arts are usable by a Rot.



An Arcanos that the Risen and a few Puppeteers - and, increasingly, Rots - can use, Cloister is a way by which Wraiths in human bodies may walk around unseen.

It is not the true invisiblity of Enshroud (Argos 1); It is rather a field of delusion that makes the Wraith's host much less noticable. Also unlike Enshroud, the delusion is such that not only do those affected not see the Wraith's host, but - at higher levels - they will neither hear nor smell her until she ends the Art's affect, or it's somehow broken. As they can't use Argos, and might have plenty of reason to remain hidden, Cloister's Arts are fairly useful things for Rots to know.

It is this Arcanos that has led Vampires, and many Risen, to think that those Wraiths had access to the Vampiric power known as "Obfuscate." While some of Obfuscate's powers very closely mimic some of the Arcanos' Arts, and they work in similar ways, they are not quite the same thing. The proof is that while a Risen and a Vampire can hide from one another using their different powers, and a Vampire can have a good chance at hiding from a Wraith in the Shadowlands while using Obfuscate, a Wraith will never be able to hide from a Wraith in the Shadowlands while using Cloister. Wraiths who aren't in the Skinlands can see right through the delusion as though it wasn't even there, but anyone in the Skinlands (Rots, other Risen, Embodied and Puppeteering Wraiths) will still be fooled.

The confusion between Obfuscate and Cloister is no accident. The Puppeteers have told the Risen they mentor that they have access to some "vampiric special powers," rather than telling them the truth. The vast majority of the Underworld has no idea this Arcanos exists at all, and the Puppeteers like keeping it that way. They are not at all pleased to hear that the Rots are starting to learn it too...

Unless otherwise noted, this Arcanos does not invoke The Fog.

Cloister vs ...

Auspex: To keep things simple, treat Cloister as though it were Obfuscate. Go by the rules in "Seeing the Unseen" on page 152 of V:TM Rev Ed.

Sphere Magic: Correspondence doesn't do diddly because the Risen isn't really hidden from view. The Mage will have to use Mind to block the jamming signal that Cloister generates. 

Botches: Any botches rolled while attempting to use Cloister render the Wraith ultra-noticable. Anyone looking for her gets a -3 Difficulty to do so, and everyone will see her and remember her especially for some odd reason.


Basic: Itchy Neck

Some people have the knack of knowing when someone's looking at them, or for them. Wraiths who use Cloister have this knack in spades.

SYSTEM: The Storyteller rolls Perception + Cloister at a Difficulty of 7. A success tells the Wraith that someone's taken notice of them, or is intent on meeting up with them. It won't tell her any more than that, no matter how many succcesses the Storyteller gets, and will not reveal identity or intention.


* Shadow Statue

The Wraith is able to hide in the shadows as long as she remains perfectly still, and does nothing to draw attention to herself, such as attacking, activating a noticable Arcanos power or speaking. This power won't withstand much scrutiny, but it's good for hiding from casual onlookers.

SYSTEM: The player rolls Manipulation + Cloister at a Diff of 6. A success completely hides her from notice, and she'll stay hidden unless she does something to break the effect (see above) or someone is actively searching that area for anything out of the ordinary. This level of Cloister does not block smells.

This costs one Pathos to activate.

** Change of Face

The Wraith can disguise herself, so that she appears to look different than how she usually does. This can be a great help to Risen and Rots, given their low Appearance scores, but it won't disguise any hideous smells.

SYSTEM: The player spends two Pathos and rolls her Wraith's Manipulation + Cloister at a Diff 7. The permutations and success ratios are the same for Obfuscate on pp. 166 - 167 of VTM: Rev Ed. The effect lasts for up to an entire Scene, and the Wraith can stop it any time she wants to.

Remember that while the effects will disguise the person, it will not disguise any equipment or clothing the Wraith may be wearing. So if Fred's Risen wants to make himself look like 'Dubya,' and is wearing a ski-mask and carrying a chainsaw, he'll look like 'Dubya' wearing a ski mask and carrying a chainsaw if he gets three or more successes.


*** Movement Unseen

Using this power, a Wraith can disappear from view and walk around unseen. It's rather startling when it goes off, and tends to invoke The Fog if the Wraith uses it right in front of Human witnesses.

SYSTEM: The Wraith spends two Pathos and her player rolls Manipulation + Cloister at a Difficulty of 8. If successful, the Wraith will turn invisible within one turn, and any mortals who see this happen will be subject to The Fog. The power lasts for up to an entire Scene, and the Wraith can stop it any time she wants to.

While Unseen, the Wraith must not do anything that would compromise her position. If she attacks, speaks, or performs an Arcanos with spectacular effects, the effect will end. She can move around as long as she doesn't make too much noise, and can attempt to take things or reposition them. The Storyteller should call for Dexterity + Stealth rolls to do this so no witnesses notice: if they do, the effect is broken.


**** Doppleganger

The secret divisions of the Hierarchy who sought out Risen in order to destroy them would sometimes report success on a mission, only to have their knuckles rapped when the same Risen reappeared - safe and sound - a week or so later. This confusion was sometimes caused by this power: the ability to create a mentally controlled 'double' up to twenty feet away.

SYSTEM: The Wraith spends four Pathos, gains one Temporary Angst and rolls her Wits + Cloister at a Difficulty of 8. Each success creates one turn when a 'double' is created up to twenty feet away from the true Wraith. The power also hides the Wraith from view so long as she is perfectly still, and says and does nothing.

The double looks and sounds just like the Wraith's physical form, but is purely illusory and has no substance. While the Wraith is maintaining the 'double,' she can have it behave or speak in any way she would like, up to and including sporting 'wounds' gained in an attack. She cannot use any other Arcanoi by herself, or through it, though.

The double will remain so long as the power is maintained, or until the Wraith decides to end it. Once she does, the double will disappear. Smart Wraiths maintain the illusion of a body lying there in tiny pieces until the attackers go away, and then end the effect.