"I Zombie, Cancer Raging - I Zombie, Fascinating
I Zombie, Crucify - I Zombie, Do Not Die."

"I Zombie" - White Zombie


In order to make a Rot, create a Wraith or Spectre to bring across the Shroud, and then make a few notations on the sheet to reflect the new reality that Wraith must face.

1: Create the Wraith

The creation of the Wraith or Spectre goes as detailed in Wraith: the Oblivion, or Dark Reflections: Spectres. This is the "base" form that represents the Wraith just before being flung across the Shroud. Spectre Rots must be of a Caste that has Fetters.

Steps One, Two and Three go as normal.

In Step Four, feel free to take Wraithly Backgrounds that the Rot would not have access to - such as Relic and Artifact - but realize that the Rot will have to wait until her return to the Shadowlands to use it.

In Step Five, Freebie Points may be spent on Merits and Flaws, but keep in mind that some will not work while across the Shroud. Storytellers should encourage their players to take ones that would be of benefit, or detriment, while a Rot. Do not allow them to take Rot-specific Merits or Flaws at this time.

Somewhere on the sheet, put six boxes. These are the Rot's Health Levels. They should read OK / OK / OK / OK / OK / Incapacitated.

2: Choose a State of Decay

Attributes, Health Levels, soaking and healing are affected by how decayed the corpse is. This is referred to as the State of Decay. Players can choose the state their body starts out in: bodies in a worse State of Decay have fewer Health Levels and Attributes, but they are harder to damage, and find it less taxing to heal themselves. Full explanations of the soaking and damage rules can be found on the Systems page, under Combat and Maintenance.

  • Fresh bodies have an Appearance of one, and start out with six Health Levels.
  • Rotting bodies have an Appearance of zero, and start out with five Health Levels. They have also lost one dot from Dexterity.
  • Rotten bodies also have an Appearance of zero, and start out with four Health Levels. They have lost two dots from Dexterity, and one from Strength and one from Stamina.

Corpses do not always come in the best condition. Bodies that have been shot, beaten to death, poisoned, strangled or done in via a less intrusive way do not accrue further Health Level penalties. However, bodies that have been hurt in more gruesome ways may have lost additional health levels.

Assume one Health Level is lost for each limb that is completely missing. A half-body (head, arms and trunk but nothing below the waist) would be missing 3 Health Levels. This loss can be reflected with the Missing Parts Flaw.

3 Adjust the Sheet

Cross out Health Levels the Rot does not have, and circle the dots of Attributes that the Rot's body cannot support.

4 Choose Rot-Specific Merits and Flaws (optional)

Once the adjustments are done, the player may take Rot-specific Merits and Flaws. The Merits must be purchased with an equal number of Flaws. Any points gained from Flaws that are not used to buy Merits are lost, and cannot be used for anything else.

Playing "Established" Rots

The preceding rules are aimed at creating a Rot that just dug its way out of the grave, or has been ambling about for a short period of time.

If you'd care to make a Rot who's been out for longer - such as one of the first Rots to be thrown across the Shroud, or at least someone who wasn't "born" yesterday - make the following changes.

* Such Rots can have "mortal" backgrounds, such as Fame or Resources.

* Let the character's freebie points be spent on Rot-specific Merits, and allow them to take up to 7 points of Rot-specific Flaws on their own if the player cares to. Such Merits don't have to be bought with Flaws.

* Don't let the character have the Fresh State of Decay, as there's no way they'd still be in that good a condition.