Brad Brockmeier

(Illustration by Brad Brockmeier)


Malfo is an odd, wormlike creature with eight glowing, red eyes (two times larger than a wraith's) and has many tentacles.



Malfo is a traveling entertainer.



Whenever not on the Road, Malfo burrows under cities and waits for them to collapse into themselves. Because of Malfo's voracious appetite he eats several of the ushers, audience members, and orders some soulforged popcorn.



Some Sandmen like his shows, if he doesn't eat them.



Thousands of Wraiths come into a giant opera house. Each one hoping for a spectacular show. After each of them are seated, the lights in the room dim, and a single, large spotlight focuses on the curtain, and a voice announces, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you... Malfo the Great!"

The curtains open with a slight creeking noise, revealing a huge, twisted, blemished, mass with a mouth and tentacles. First there is a pause between the audience and Malfo, but it is soon broken when he starts to consume to audience. The Necropolis is still trying to recover from this horrid event.



Don't trust anything named "Malfo."