Langawa Lamanlupa


Tobie Abad

Name: Langawa Lamanlupa "l-ah-ng-ah-wah l-ah-man-l-oo-pah"



A large mountain-like bulk of flesh and fatty tissues that seem to roll and pulse with an organic rhythm. Grayish-purple in appearance, with red-blue veins that creep across its surface like spiderwebs. The Malfean oozes out a stench of rotting meat that has been soaked in vinegar and urine.



Trapped beneath a huge Arcanoi-tempered prison in the provinces of Laguna, Philippines. The prison had been covered with earth and rock for many years that most have forgotten the horrific past when the Malfean was once free. Very few remember, or even know, that the mountain in the said area called Mount Makiling is actually the prison of the monstrosity.


Modus Operandi and Habits:

The Malfean found power and strength from the corrupted sacrifices that were made to the spirits. Although a sacrifice, when done correctly, did nothing to bring the sick joy to the Malfean's face, impure ones on the other hand were a gift it relished. Ritual sacrifice was a common practice among the indigenous tribes of the Philippines during the pre-Spanish colonization. But when the onset of Christianity came and with it, the attempts to purge such "heretical practices", their misguided attempts actually instead created a source of sustenance and empowerment for the Malfean.

Now, the Malfean struggles to regain such influences. Trickling small amounts of influence to those who are willing, the Malfean attempts to seduce visitors to the mysterious mountain (which is reputed to be a mystical place) to remain within his reach. Once they have been lured successfully, the Malfean slowly inspires morbid thoughts of suicide and the like upon its prey. Spectres would assault those who fall victim to such tactics. The Wraiths of those who have fallen, in a related note, would be coerced to use their powers (especially those with Phantasm) to grant morbid nightmares upon visitors.



Once a proud god-like figure served the thousand bleeding bodies of prepared sacrifices, the Malfean no longer holds much connections with the Skinlands. Although there remains a small sect of corrupted rich socialites who believe that the Malfean can grant them immortality, the group is barely capable to actively assist the Malfean, being too preoccupied with their indulgences with sex, drugs and other unsavory practices.

Surprisingly, many of those who were interested in occult or mystical lore during their life who have committed suicide in the country find themselves drawn to the Malfean. Most have mistaken the large misshapen creature to be the mythical "Makiling" after whom the mountain was named for. It is not a surprise that these same figures often end up worshiping the monstrosity, oblivious to the truth that the creature is far from the supposed "kind maiden who helps others and blesses the faithful" Makiling is to be.

Note: Much to the Malfean's surprise, the myth of Maria Makiling is more than mere myth. Maria Makiling is actually a mummy priestess in the Philippines who has devoted her existence to halting the monster's growth and activity. Unlearned in the ways of dealing with a Malfean directly, she had content herself with appearing before the wayward youth who visit the mountain seeking for mystical power or enlightenment.

She is dismayed that her constant attempts to help have been misconstrued by others as "the maiden appearing before the worthy". This, after all, has had the opposite effect of what she intended. Even now, hundreds of visitors scale the sides of the Mountain, searching for adventure, excitement, mystical balance or enlightenment or for the elusive Maria Makiling who is said to be beautiful and beyond compare.