Kurr Rryill / Rodric the Deep Seed



Kurr Rryill (Ker-Ree-Ill) is the dreaming Neverborn of purity. Mortwights all (or especially vicious shades), it's minions are born and bred in the depths of Oblivion and it only gets worse from there on.

Rodric the Deep Seed is a Hekatonkhire representative of the enigmatic Neverborn and is the focus of its will. Rodric is the ultimate servant of its Neverborn master and is pure in its conviction. Born a Mortwight like all of Kurr Rryill's followers, it is the ultimate gladiator of Oblivion, destroying all enemies to the cult of Kurr Rryill outright. It is also the focus of power in the cult. Worshiped as a sentient totem or messiah to the Neverborn master, Rodric is the link that spreads the evil that encompasses all of the cult.

As each member of the cult grows closer to Rodric, the dreams of Kurr Rryill infect their thoughts more clearly and often than ever before. What was once religious devotion is now solidified by Hive-Mind unity. When Rodric is active, it sets the example of what would happen to those who oppose this mighty underdog faction of Oblivion; when it slumbers, the dreams of its master flow throughout the rank and file.

While Kurr Rryill has never been seen, Rodric is known to collaborate with it at all times and share its thoughts in dreams. Those who worship Kurr Rryill go to Rodric. Some critics say that Rodric is merely a crafty Onceborn masquerading as a shambling Hekatonkhire, its servants believe that the true power lies beyond in the realms of the Neverborn.

Rodric appears to be a giant with burning black eyes and many cuts lacing its body. Its wounds actually house a limitless number of eyes that can be seen at random and unusual intervals. Rodric is covered in scales, laced with spines of similar quality to stygian steel. Indeed, when any meet Rodric outside of the Labyrinth, it has been known (for the few moments before destruction) to swim like a crocodile. Its mouth is a misshapen cave of fangs and claw-like uvulae, made for devouring its enemies whole. Rodric is also covered in an endless number of limbs which end in suction cup-like mouths, for traversing its home. None who have met Rodric directly have lived, but rumors persist of the balefire it releases from all of its orifices to destroy particularly worthy foes. When Rodric slumbers, its many mouths speak the tongue of Oblivion and send messages across the hive-mind.

The Neverborn it serves is feared by all then, for its obviously daunting power. The cult of Kurr Rryill is composed of the mortwights reaped from hundreds of Skinlands Oblivion cults. The Nephwracks of the cult direct these Skinlands offspring in depravities that drive them directly into Oblivion's embrace upon death. Those who become mortwights are all the stronger forces of Oblivion. The corruption mainly takes place in dreams (called "prophecy" by the mortals) and occasionally by embodied servants; in any case, it is always complete.

The spectral castes of the cult of Kurr Rryll are especially active. While the Mortwights keep an eye on the Skinlands and nihils or focus on their dharma of Oblivion's purity, the shades are led by Nephwracks through those nihils and constantly assault the Necropoli to destroy the structure that directly mocks their purity. Some Nephwracks even work to convert entire Necropoli to Amphiskiopoli below, giving the pure members of Oblivion a larger force to war with.

It is said that when Rodric has devoured its last enemy and Kurr Rryill has awakened, Oblivion will have pure form across the underworld and there will be no more Shadowlands.