Father Malison


Wild Druid

(Illustration by Wild Druid)

Not much is known about Father Malison's life. It's said he was a preacher who struck fear in the hearts of those around him, with terrible orations of fire, brimstone, and divine wrath. When he came to the Shadowlands he found himself swiftly devoured by his Shadow. Some whisper that the only nearby Pardoner had been a member of Father Malison mortal congregation, and deliberately let Father slide into Oblivion.

Father Malison now has a temple deep in the Labyrinth. Spectres dragging themselves to Oblivion sometimes encounter his Dark Ministry far down the Veinous Stair. Here he preaches to his congregation about the inevitable coming of Doomsday, when the Quick and the Restless will kneel before the glory of Oblivion; on this day all will become One, and then become Nothing.

The Church itself is quite frightening to look at. It was chiseled from the side of the Veinous Stairs and it is another one of the few stable structures in the Labyrinth. Its great black stone walls have veins of pure, red angst running through them. In the walls are carved cells where Angelics are kept and tormented. Only their screams, and the unholy music of the Choir break the dead silence of the Church.

Then there is the Choir. Each Chorister is a master of Keening and has been Moliated to become one with the rest. Each one looks like a faceless, asexual, horrors with barbed wire for hair and talons of black glass. Father Malison commands his Choir to punish the Quick at every turn when they are not singing their blasphemous hymns to Oblivion. This is to spread the gospel of Oblivion amongst the Quick.

His congregation, made of spectres that could not throw themselves into the Well of the Void, is assigned tasks according to their individual talents. Each a tool of Oblivion, if they can not join it they must serve it well.

Father Malison takes particular pleasure in participating in Harrowings where the soul in question was one of great faith, or had lost that faith. He tortures Angelics right before the devoted, or faithless wraith. He shows them the power of Oblivion in all it's glory. Very few wraiths come out of a Harrowing with Father Malison without becoming much closer to Oblivion.