Wraith Supplements
Rich Gentile

Being A Compendium of ALL the Supplements Produced to Date for
Wraith; The Oblivion

- Wraith; The Oblivion
- Wraith; The Oblivion (2nd Edition)
- Wraith; The Great War
- The Quick & the Dead
- The Risen
- Love Beyond Death
- The Hierarchy
- Renegades
- The Book of Legions
- Midnight Express
- Ends of Empire
- Haunts
- Charnel Houses of Europe; The Shoah
- Dark Reflections; Spectres
- Shadow Players Guide
- Wraith Players Guide
- Necropolis; Atlanta
- Sea of Shadows; Storytellers Guide to the Tempest
- Doomslayers; Into the Labyrinth
- Dark Kingdom of Jade
- Dark Kingdom of Jade Adventures
- Mediums; Speakers With the Dead
- Face of Death
- World of Darkness: Tokyo
- Buried Secrets (Came with the Wraith Storytellers Screen)
- Ghost Towns (Cross-Over w/ Werewolf; The Wild West)
- Guildbook: Artificers
- Guildbook: Masquers
- Guildbook: Sandmen
- Guildbook: Haunters
- Guildbook: Pardoners and Puppeteers
- Guildbook: Spooks and Oracles


- Death and Damnation Anthology
- City of Darkness: Unseen (Assorted Stories)
- The Dark Kingdoms Trilogy
- (The Ebon Mask, The Onyx Tower, The Obsidian Blade)
- Beyond the Shroud (From Quintessential World of Darkness)
- Sins of the Fathers by Sam Chupp
- Caravan of Shadows by Richard Lee Byers