Wraith Petition
Rich Gentile

We, the undersigned, as loyal fans of White-Wolf, Inc., and Wraith: The Oblivion in particular, respectfully request that you take a moment to consider bringing back, or at least reprinting, one of your most innovative and stirring games.

To wit,

- Wraith is more popular now than ever before. Witness, for example, the astronomical prices people are willing to pay on various auction sites for "The Risen", or "Spectres: Dark Reflection"!!

- Wraith is an integral part of the WoD: there are far more Restless Dead than there are any other Supernatural Denizens in the World of Darkness. The events of Wraith paved the way for Hunter: the Reckoning, and Wraiths still play a vital part in that Games mythos (As evidenced by the "Walking Dead" supplement, as well as Mummy: the Resurrection.)

- More and more Wraith websites and gamesites are popping up on a daily basis. Just as an example, check out the hard work that both J.Edward Tremlett (of the "Ex Libris Nocturnis" site), and the Deathlord Council (Leaders of the "Wraith Project") have put out in keeping Wraith alive and thriving during this period where no new supplements are coming out.

Towards that end, we have begun this petition in the hopes that White-Wolf will heed the voices of its fans and bring back Wraith: the Oblivion.



Rich Gentile -- (Rgentile@PHCS.com) ­ Waltham, Massachusetts (USA): Founder of"The Wraith Project"
Julio Xerfan -- (xerfan@hotmail.com) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ron S. Dyer -- Camarilla #2000-04-259- (Rond@SBHServices.org)- Mesa, AZ.
John Adam Kennedy -- (The_Black_Rose@pathwaytodarkness.com)- V:EKN Prince of Ann Arbor, MI.
Tae-Ho Kim -- (Khazad@hitel.net) - Seoul, Korea
Paul Sheiman -- (artintel@bway.net )
Danielle Rossi --(psangel@bolt.com)