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Compiled and edited by the Deathlord Council:
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Steven Mcgie · "Sister Spooky" · Edgar Dumont


Written by;
Rich Gentile (With the Gracious assistance of: Michael A. Mclaughlin & Benjamin Cameron)


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Chapter One:
How to Use this Book



We must Consider that we shall be as a City
upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are upon us.

-John Winthrop, 1628

Necropolis: Boston has been designed for both Storytellers and Players to use in a number of different ways. With a little luck, this book will help potential Storytellers make a Boston that is uniquely their own. Or, you could use this book as a template to build your own cities from. Please note that this book is a source for both "Pre and Post "Ends of Empire"" chronicles, so if you are playing a "Pre Ends of Empire" chronicle, feel free to ignore all references to events that happen in the wake of the 6th Great Maelstrom.

This book should give you a good overview of the history and culture unique to Boston, as well as providing a dynamic setting for a chronicle based there. Included in this book are a number of Restless Denizens that inhabit the Necropolis, as well as an Appendix that details other supernatural creatures that inhabit the Skinlands of Boston. Of course, in a book of this limited a scope, it would be impossible to detail all the Restless Dead that call Boston home. You, the Storyteller, are encouraged to flex your creative muscles to make the city, and it's Restless Dead, your own.



The theme of Necropolis: Boston is "A City of Liberty: Divided." Boston is a City of division and dichotomy. It is, further, a microcosm of the larger macrocosm of Wraithly life and society. The conflicts in Boston largely parallel not only the struggles going on in Wraithly society at large, but the Skinlands as well! While ostensibly, in the Skinlands a "Cradle of Liberty", Boston is, in the Shadowlands, controlled by the Hiererarchy. Thus, Boston remains (As it has been for centuries in the Skinlands!!) a hotbed of intrigue, change and revolution, and is under continous siege by other factions, particularly the Renegades!


Quiet desperation is the dominant mood for Necropolis:Boston. As noted above, Boston is a city under siege. It faces, on a daily basis, challenges from Heretics, Renegades, Guildsmen, and incursions from the other Empires (Most notably the Dark Kingdom of Jade.) The Hierarchy of the City, led by Dimitiri Klaptrapp, have gone to remarkable lengths to keep the City intact and functioning. With the recent events (6th Great Maelstrom, Stygia's Fall, etc.) Boston is functioning largely on it's own as an independent City-State. As such, no help is expected from other Necropoli The Storyteller should try to keep in mind the fact that, underneath the placid façade, Boston is a powder-keg, ready to explode


Massachusetts in General

Massachusetts has played a significant role in American history since the Pilgrims, seeking religious freedom, founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. As one of the most important of the 13 colonies, Massachusetts became a leader in resisting British oppression. In 1773, the Boston Tea Party protested unjust taxation. The Minute Men started the American Revolution by battling British troops at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.

During the 19th century, Massachusetts was famous for the vigorous intellectual activity of its renowned writers and educators and for its expanding commercial fishing, shipping, and manufacturing interests.

Massachusetts pioneered the manufacture of textiles and shoes. Today, these industries have been replaced in importance by activity in the electronics and communications equipment fields.

The state's cranberry crop is the nation's largest. Also important are dairy and poultry products, nursery and greenhouse produce, vegetables, and fruit.

Tourism has become an important factor in the economy of the state because of its numerous recreational areas and historical landmarks. Cape Cod has summer theaters, water sports, and an artists' colony at Provincetown. Tanglewood, in the Berkshires, features the summer concerts of the Boston Symphony.

Among the many other points of interest (And see below for more specific information!!) are Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge in central Massachusetts, Minute Man National Historical Park between Lexington and Concord, and, in Boston: Old North Church, Old State House, Faneuil Hall, the USS Constitution, and the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum.


Boston in Particular

A large part of the world knows Boston for Brahminism and baked beans; creme pie and cod; Revere's ride, and that splash of tea in 1773. Locals know "the Hub" for its unnavigable cart paths, loony drivers and love hate relationship with the Red Sox. Attitude, history and style run rampant on this city's cobblestoned streets, where the gridlocked masses go to creative extremes just to "pahk their cahs." Ah, the Boston Accent -- defined by top linguists as "one-third Harvard, one-third hick and one-third mick." (Visitors: Consult the Wicked Good Guide to Boston English for help ordering a grinder and a frappe at the spa.)

From the trendy shops of Newbury Street to the North End espresso huts, each Boston neighborhood impresses its own distinctive charm. And an hour drive in any direction produces a choice view of beach, forest or mountain.

Olde as Boston's soul may be, it is spry on the surface. With more than 60 colleges and universities, the beantown claims the highest student population in the U.S. That coupled with its forefront status in the biotech industry guarantees -- and delivers -- a population of sheer brainiacs.

World of Darkness

But, on the other side of the Shroud lurks a wholly different society; That of the Restless Dead. To them, "Necropolis Boston" is not the fount of vibrance and hope that the Quick percieve it to be

Controlled largely by the Hierarchy since it's inception, nonetheless (As in the Skinlands), Necropolis; Boston is a Hub of diversity.. Renegades, Heretics, and other, more deadly enemies make their presence known as well, Most notably Spectres.

But Now, With Growing apathy and disillusionment, fed by the Korean and Vietnam Wars, El Salvador, Iran-Contra, the Gulf War, AIDS, drug abuse and the endless story of strife, conflict and suffering in the streets, and more Restless Dead than ever in its long History, Necropolis; Boston, a City which has endured from the turn of the Century 'til the Present as a city with lenient views on non-Hierarchy Wraiths (but which secretly views them with envy and suspicion) is facing it's greatest challenge yet!

The Remaining "Guilds" have rebelled and are gathering support and formenting rebellion, making everything in the Necropolis more susceptible to Oblivion. (Not to mention the continued presence of powerful Circles of Renegades..) Further, it is rumored that, with Charons disappearence, the Guilds are beginning to make their own play for Power And more Wraiths than ever are breaking the Dictum Mortum and are making their presence known to the Quick..

And what will happen to this once-thriving Necropolis in the wake of the 6th Great Maelstrom?? Charon has returned, and abandoned his Children, leaving them to make their own Fate.. Stygia is, slowly but surely, falling into the Labyrinth, and more and more Spectres are testing the bonds of Oblivion and making forays into the City proper


Boston at a Glance

Location: Eastern Massachusetts, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east; Cambridge, Somerville, Everett, Chelsea, Watertown, and Revere on the north; Brookline, Newton, and Needham on the west; Dedham on the southwest; and Canton, Milton, and Quincy on the south. Boston is 106 miles south of Portland, Maine; 44 miles northeast of Providence, Rhode Island; 93 miles northeast of Hartford, Connecticut; and 218 miles northeast of New York City.

Climate: Boston swelters in the summer and freezes in the winter. The traditional 4 Seasons apply, and it is typically quite easy to tell what season it is, without even looking at a calendar..
-- Normal temperature in January.....28.6°F
-- Normal temperature in July........73.5°F
-- Normal annual precipitation.......41.5"

Total Area: 89.63 sq. miles

Land Area: 48.42 sq. miles

Population: 574,283

Density: 11,860 per sq. mile


Local Media: Boston has a number of Network Channels, including the "Big Three", as well as Fox (Channel 25), "The WB" (Channel 38), and "UPN" (Channel 56). In addition, there are two Public Television stations (WGBH & WGBX). Further, Boston also hosts a number of Newspapers, both reputable (The Boston Herald & the Boston Globe), and not-so reputable (The Boston Phoenix): In addition, Boston hosts a number of "Counter-Culture" papers as well ( Such as: Bay Windows, the Improper Bostonian, and more!!)

Culture: Boston is a Mecca of both Pop AND counterculture. They have several local symphonies (The Boston Pops, the Boston Symphony Orchestra), a number of theatre companies, and several other eclectic groups..

Scene: Bostons' night scene is incredibly active and varied, ranging from coffehouses and poetry to pounding alternative rock-clubs, or just hanging out in Harvard Square. Whatever your tastes, there's ALWAYS something to be found..

Travelling: Boston is serviced by one Major Airport (Logan International), located 2 miles from downtown Boston, as well as several smaller, independent air-strips, such as Hanscom Air-Force Base. Boston hosts one of the finest natural Harbors in the world, as well: Boston Harbor, a 40 foot channel less than 7 miles long from dock to open water! Further, Boston hosts the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, one of the most extensive networks of public transporation in the country. Aside from the MBTA, Boston also his the terminus of three trunk railway and bus companies.