DS2 is Offline

A Role Playing Game (RPG) party game for Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

For: 6-7 Players + 1 Game Master (GM)
Estimated playing time: 4-6 hours

Back story:

2 weeks ago, DS2, a station on the Terran side of the Skaraan border, stopped responding. A special task force of Stellar Navy officers is being sent to investigate.


Players will fly a brief Artemis mission to DS2, and then play a tabletop RPG, and then fly another Artemis mission away from DS2. This party game has a group goal and each character has individual goals.


7 Pre-generated gender-neutral characters (history, stats, skills, inventory)
Station map
GM module (storyline, suggested game progression, descriptions, events)
Audio/image files for during-game support


Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator server and clients
Game Master
6-7 Players (some experience playing Artemis recommended, some experience playing any tabletop RPG like D&D)
Any of the mods (or vanilla) that allows a game master to add/remove objects.
Standard AD&D dice set for each person: D100, D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, D4
If you intend to play online, you'll need teamspeak/discord/mumble or equivalent communication channel.


What a Deep Space Station looks like:


Sample Invitation

SPOILER ALERT: This game is based on mystery and intrigue. There are things that cannot ever be unseen once seen. If you intend to play, do not click any of the links except that which is assigned to you by your GM. After the game, come back and read the rest, if you want.

Game Master ONLY
Player 1 ONLY
Player 2 ONLY
Player 3 ONLY
Player 4 ONLY
Player 5 ONLY
Player 6 ONLY