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Artemis Jump Drive Training

Presented by Cattail.Nu / Slate

Training will use Artemis 2.4 (vanilla).


Part 1: Basic Training

00 - 05 Greetings and Jump Drive Operation Video Artemis Jump Drive Operation Video
06 - 10 Jump Drive Engineering Setup Please download and install the Jump Drive Engineering Settings file.
You may be asked to operate the Engineering console during today's class.
See the included engineeringSettings_JumpDrive_installation.pdf for assistance.
11 - 40 Formal Presentation Please open the Jump Drive Presentation and follow along.
41 - 75 Practical Experience Everyone should take the science console in addition to the position they are going to perform.
76 - 90 Discussion & Test Test

Part 2: Advanced Skill Building

91 - 120 Proficiency Mission A hostile Skaraan invasion fleet is advancing on a civilian outpost colony in Sector 70H. The Artemis has been called to provide defense. Primary objective: Save as many people as possible. Secondary objective: Halt the advance of the enemy fleet.
MISS_jumpDrive.zip (tested with 2.4.0)


Jump Drive Language

A successful jump should sound something like the following. Captains and their crews are encouraged to tweak the language and steps to best suit their team. The goal is absolute efficiency and speed.

Engineering Conserving energy.
Captain Jump to DS1 and dock.
Communications DS1 is waiting for us to dock.
Science DS1, Direction 270. Range 32K. [Your Captain may also want to include a pre-jump heading/facing in non-combat jumps.]
Helm Direction 270. Range 32K. Initiated. [Helm does not need to change the ship's heading for a non-combat jump unless the Captain directs it.]
Engineering Jump drive activated.
Helm Confirmed. Jumping in 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
Helm Jump completed.
Engineering Impulse energy activated.
Helm Docking. Docked.
Engineering Energy to scanning.


Anomaly Reference

Jump drive ships can scavenge anomalies efficiently. A collection of secret code cases, combined with jumping to each enemy fleet, could neutralize the strongest enemy ships.


Slate's Logical Attack Tornado Echo (SLATE) Maneuver

Decimate incoming enemy fleet as fast as possible and return for refit. Total expected execution time: 2 minutes.

*** You may want 2 science officers! One for jump nav and one for scanning! ***


Jump Drive SLATE Maneuver Video


SLATE Language

A successful SLATE maneuver would sound like this:

Captain We are going to attack the enemy fleet in Sector C3. Use a SLATE maneuver.
Science Face 0-6-0. [Ship needs to turn for the best post-jump attack direction.] Primary target F03.
Engineering High Energy Turn.
Helm Facing 0-6-0.
Engineering Energy to Torpedoes.
Weapons Ordnance Loaded.
Captain Execute Jump.
Science Enemy fleet. Direction 270. Range 15K. [Direction and range should be acquired at the last possible second for the best accuracy.]
Helm Direction 270. Range 15K. Initiated.
Engineering Jump drive activated. [Combat jumps should be max-energy (300) for best accuracy.]
Helm Confirmed. Jumping in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
Weapons Shields up.
Helm Jump completed. [Helm should immediately use impulse engines to move forward away from mine deployment.]
Engineering Energy to impulse and rear shields.
Weapons EMP Away. Mine Away. Mine Away.
Communications F03 taunted.
Helm Coming about. [Helm should keep the ship out of the enemy ship firing arcs, but within combat range (3-5K).]
Engineering High Energy Turn. Energy to torpedoes.
Science Escape direction 90. Distance 8K. [Your Captain may prefer settings for a Flip maneuver where you jump the ship immediately behind the enemies.]
Helm Escape direction 90. Distance 8K. Ready to Initiate. [Do not initiate until the Captain issues a 'get us out of here' command.]
Weapons Nuke away. Nuke away. Homing away. Homing away. Homing away. Last volley loading.
Communications Best refit is DS1. Secondary: DS2.
Science DS2 is closer.
Weapons Homing away. Homing away.
Captain Jump to DS2.
  See docking jump above.

The SLATE maneuver may not be suitable for all ships and situations. There are MANY different jump ship tactics. How many can you think of?



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